Authorized Dealer FAQ's

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What information should I have available for the Registration?

Indirect Dealers need the following:

  • Your Primary Email Address to be used for all critical Cardo Systems email business communications

  • Your Primary Company Telephone number to be used as the search key for Distributor inquiries into the validation of your Authorization status

  • Company legal name, business type, primary address, phone and DBAs (if applicable)

  • Company & Facebook URLs (if applicable)

  • Individual contact information for Agreement signatory, primary business contact, buyer/merchandiser, service/parts, installation/installer, training and accounts payable/receivable

  • Detailed Internet activity if applying for Internet sales authorization

  • Additional business and marketing information

  • Entry of additional Brick and Mortar Location addresses (if applicable)

Direct Dealers need all of the Indirect Dealer information plus:

  • Resale Certificate, Tax ID or Business License number